Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited (the company), formerly named D.S. Leasing Company Limited, was founded by Mr.Chuchat Petaumpai and Mrs.Daonapa Petampai on the registration date of 22 may 1992 with the head office located at 13 soi Charansanitwong, Bang or, Bangplad, Bangkok. The initial registration capital was 2 million baht and the business objective was to provide hire purchase loan for the new and used motorcycle of all brands. Channelling via the dealers in Phitsanuloke and other provinces in the lower northern region like Sukhothai, Kamphaeangphet, Pichit, etc., the company had serviced various groups of customer i.e. fixed income employee (daily and monthly paid), farmer and other self-employed individuals. After that, the company has increased the product lines by offering the vehicle title loan (loan against vehicle registration) to existing customers who had paid up their first loan and expanding the type of vehicles from motorcycle to car and other farm vehicles, which enabled the company to service larger groups of customer. In the year 2001, the company has changed its name to Muangthai Leasing Company Limited on 28 august 2001 and stopped offering hire purchase product because many motorcycle manufacturers and dealers started to provide hire purchase service for their for their customers. When there were more service providers, the industry became highly competitive.
In the year 2006, the company envisioned an opportunity to expand by entering the consumer lending industry under the supervision of bank of Thailand so it had submitted the application to operate the business. After the license was granted by the ministry of finance on 31 august 2006, the company has been able to expand drastically by offering consumer loans through our own branches.

As the company’s main target customers were local people who lived in the nearby neighborhood, we had emphasized in building a good relationship with customers, using the slogan of Intimate services like closed family members. As a result, the company has well-gained customer trust and received repeated business continually. The company has gradually increased our registered capital in order to serve the continuous growth of our business. Up to present, the company had paid-up capital of 1,575 million baht. On 16 may 2014, the company has transformed into the public company and changed its name to Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited. The company’s board of director has approved to change the par value of its common share from 100 baht to 1 baht resulting in the change of a number of shares from 15.75 million to 1,575 million shares. Also, it has been approved to increase the registered capital by issuing 545 million new shares of common stock with the par value of 1 baht. Therefore, from the existing registered capital of 1,575 million baht, the new registered capital became 2,120 million baht. During 19-21 November 2014, the company has offered the newly issued common shares to the public for the first time. Total number of shared was 545 million with the par value of 1 baht and the IPO price was 5.5 baht. Out of this total offering, 502.50 million shares were offered to public while 42.50 million shares were offered to directors, executives and employee of the Company and/or its subsidiary. All common shares of the company then were registered with the stock exchange of Thailand and started trading on 26 November 2014.